Hello world.

Alien punk #00000

Greetings Earthlings, uhh oh..... I mean, Hi there neighbor, I am Neelambar Jackson and I reside from good ol' Boolesvlle, Missippi, of the U.S of A

Mint date for V2+UFO will be the 17/10/2021 at 5PM UTC

Mint price for V2 = 0.005 ETH + FREE UFO (+gas fees)


Verify your Alien before evolving

Before evolving or purchasing an Alien you can

verify its current stage

Why hold an Alien punk V1 ?

staking an Alien punk V1 will give holders the possibility to earn daily rewards from the Aliens ecosystem and also be the first one to own an alien currency that will fuel an entire economy for our metaverse.


Why Evolve to V2 ?

Evolving a V2 comes with new mysterious items, a free UFO, an access to the Alien incubator and also makes you eligible to receive airdrops, access to future events in the sandbox metaverse and if this isnt enought, the owners of V2 are secured a safe spot for minting the V3 for FREE (users will need to hold 3 Alien punks V2 to be eligible to mint 1 Alien punk V3 for free + gas)

04 Alien.png