Despite four and a half billion years of planet earth’s existence, the number of 2020 is merely a bunch of made-up digits that actually correspond to human being’s level of intelligence – and it’s not even the number of years mankind has been walking the earth since. Such a big arrogance of human beings to think that we are the most sophisticated beings in the universe.


We are wasting time, energy, and resources trying to find the simplest single-cell creatures buried under icy Martian north pole glaciers, minuscule isopoda doing acrobatic stunts in spiralling Enceladus geyser jets, or primitive plants in the creases of Europa icy ground. In such an early stage of advancement in human’s evolution, we are so ignorant that we’ve never even tried to dig deeper than our own graves to find the true origin of humankind. Are we what we believe we are? Or are we just an ant farm abandoned a long time ago by a supreme being we call God?


Few people ask: are we alone in the universe? Or somewhere out there other intelligent beings or entities are looking up into their sky asking the same question? Are there civilisations more advanced than ours? Or are there civilisations that have achieved interstellar communication and have established a network of linked societies throughout our universe?

The answer is still beyond reach…

until the year 2021 arrives.





Ignorance and arrogance are the biggest human religion. We are a fool to believe that alien invasion might happen some time in the future. So little did we know that an alien race had made home on earth even before the time of Adam. The primordial alien race was led by an unknown man who took the name of Wahyeh. 


Fun-loving Wahyeh loved to experiment. When he was young, he started by experimenting with proteins and nucleic acids. Then his fun activities escalated to flooding the whole earth for six weeks, destroying two cities he didn’t like, and stealing a corpse of an influential carpenter from his tomb.


Thousands of years later he was fascinated by his own creation of the Internet. He disguised as a Japanese man named Mr Satochi Nakamoto communicating with humans from a cave, and created something that would change the world forever -- blockchain.

In 2021, blockchain was used as the earth’s main financial superhighway. This could be the only sophisticated thing he invented.





On exactly the 112th day of 1371 AFM (Anno Fragor Magnus - Big Bang Era), a galactic catastrophe occurred. The Andromedan United of Planets (AUP) reported a premature supernova in the centre of the galaxy. The AUP immediately issued a warning of a cosmo-electromagnetic pulse that could potentially fry more than half of computers in the galaxy.

Big-time investors and tycoons in some of the affluent planets scrambled to cash out their assets while seeking their new asylum on other planets.

Back in our Solar System, wars among Martian drug lords, corruptions within the core administration, and frequent coups d’état on Mars are rocking the red planet’s underground colonies. The dusty red planet as we know it is on the brink of collapsing.

The climate-change-stricken Earth -- at its ripe age of four and a half billion years old -- seems to fall right in the goldilock state at the moment. It is therefore time to get to the truth.

As the pan-cosmic unrest is shaking the majority of the universe, intelligent beings from all over the places are reaching out for the blue planet in hope of seeking financial home away from home.

The Earth’s blockchain is now about to witness the biggest ever alien investment of all time -- an investment so great that even Satoshi himself will be stupefied.





Struck by financial meltdown, administrative mälstrom, and natural galactic catastrophe, troops of alien zillionaires from around the universe are suited, sheltered in space capsules and photon crafts, zooming through intergalactic wormholes, hopping the cosmic voids in their common quest for the Brave New World.

It so happens that the Earth year 2021 and its cryptocurrency market is booming as ever. Rumour starts to spread like a virus around the galaxy of a recluse named Satoshi Nakamoto, who bought the earthlings the good news and the blockchain technology. Eventually, the aliens come to a conclusion that what was rumoured were true. Never before have any species across the entire universe seen such a magnificent invention. Therefore, they set their eyes on planet Earth and plan to cash in their alien assets into the crypto world.

Although the humans of the world are very innovative on blockchain technology, they still are quite primitive when it comes to awareness of racial differences. Since it’s their first time being visited by extraterrestrial beings. So, aliens have found ways to blend in with humans by procuring NFTs -- shades, wigs, skin colour, facial hair, etc.



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0101: THE HOST

Not long after humans claim to have invented the blockchain technology originally mentioned in the Holy Book that “The Lord Nakamoto created blockchain technology by clicking on a rodent-like equipment, and saying ‘Let there be Blockchain’, And voilà! There is Blockchain Technology. The Lord God has used his blockchain technology to accumulate unimaginable wealth for himself”. Since then, crypto has become the world’s principal currency. Over the course of ages and eras, cryptocurrency flourishes. Earthlings rejoice without realising that they have become the most innovative race in the universe in terms of finance while at the same time knowing how to have a good time.

The news about blockchain and its success spread throughout the universe. Now, affluent aliens from all walks of life set their eyes on Earth.


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